a mindful movement experience combining dance, yoga and GOOD JAMS

It’s often said that we are what we eat, but it goes much deeper than that.  We are what we watch, what we read, and what we listen to.  In other words, we are what we consume.  


In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with negativity, stress and noise on a daily basis.  Chelsea has designed a series of classes where you can escape the noise.  The goal of each class is to help you connect with your authentic self, care for your body and nurture your soul.  Chelsea creates a warm, inviting class environment where you are supported and encouraged to be present in the moment and do something for yourself.  

Soulful Stretch is restorative, Soulful Flow is a workout, and Soulful Strut will empower you.  


She intentionally selects music and structures the playlists to tap into your emotions.  She wants you to be inspired, motivated and leave class feeling energized, positive and joyous.  These classes aren’t designed to provide you with external validation or offer you an opportunity for the perfect Instagram post.  We don’t do it for the gram.  Chelsea wants you to help you find inner validation, love your body and be present in the moment.

It will be the best part of your week!  


Soulful Stretch is an active stretching class designed to allow muscles to relax and lengthen. Tight muscles can cause imbalance and pull the body out of alignment. Soulful Stretch will focus on flexibility, alignment, and joint mobility. Ideal for athletes, advanced practitioners, first time yoga students, and everyone in between. Neither experience nor flexibility are required. Each class is accompanied by a unique playlist designed to help relax the body and feed the soul. 



Soulful Flow is a total body aerobic and strength conditioning workout. Combining dance conditioning with qualities and benefits of vinyasa yoga, including building internal heat, increased stamina and strength.  You'll see improvements in posture, flexibility, strength, balance and overall body awareness. Classes begin with a warm up to designed to develop strength, flexibility, correct alignment and coordination. Followed by ballet-barre inspired exercises to sculpt, strengthen, and make you sweat. 


Soulful Strut is jazz/funk based and focuses on building core strength, lines, balance, weight placement in heels, making smooth transitions, level changes, and building a strong, confident feminine sex appeal!