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intentional movement practice

Private lessons, classes, and events.  All experience levels welcomed.

my method


Movement is medicine. Our bodies are designed to naturally nurture and heal from within, unfortunately everything about our culture and the grind of our day to day lives gets in the way of the body doing its job. A movement practice is how you take the power back and put your health in your own hands. 


In a Movement Practice session, you will learn to connect your movement to your breath. Which has the magic effect of putting your body and mind at the same place, at the same time, which stimulates the part of your nervous system responsible for resting, digesting, and recovering. You’ll learn to move from your core, which not only builds strength and supports spine health, but stimulates and detoxifies your internal organs. You’ll learn that even when we appear to be “in a pose” you are always moving energetically in different directions, cultivating balance and control. 


Sessions are tailored to suit individual needs and goals but every session will have a balance between flow and ease.




  • Build heat through breath and dynamic movement

  • Lengthen and sculpt your muscles

  • Special focus on your Transverse Abdominis – your body’s natural corset.

  • Feel the burn in all the right places

  • “Just enough shake”




  • Naturally regulate your nervous system

  • Realign your posture

  • Special focus on improving digestion and circulation

  • Give your body time to absorb the benefits from all your hard work

  • Relax, refresh, and nourish.

work with me

  • "Give It A Chance"

    4 classes in your location personalized just for you
    • Save $25
    • Book online once you purchase the package
    • Contact me to discuss your goals.
  • Feel the Results

    Every month
    3 months of tailored classes in your location
    Valid for 3 months
    • Best option to see & feel results!
    • 2x/week for 3 consecutive months.
    • Priority scheduling!
    • Auto-billing
    • Save $240
    • Contact me to discuss your goals.
    • Book online once you purchase the plan.

Want to get serious about your yoga practice?  Contact me to discuss your goals and learn more about my approach.  I offer free consultations. 

I play music that is intended to make you feel like the best version of yourself  -- and get down a little bit, too! 

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