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Weekly classes, private lessons, and custom events.  All experience levels welcomed.


a confidence-centric dance experience

what you can expect

My students often tell me that taking my STRUT classes feels more like a night out with great friends than a dance class. 


We start with a 15 minute warm up, designed to target your core and put you in touch with your body. Next, it's time to dim the lights, turn up the jams, and Strut. We walk across the room cultivating confidence and style along the way. We will learn a short routine and spend the last moments of class dancing and having fun together.

Don't be scared!  I pride myself on the fact that my choreography is accessible to everyone and appeals to all levels of dance experience.

who are these for

and how are the different from 

other dance classes?

These classes are designed for women who “used to dance” or for those who’ve always wanted to try. My choreography is there as a guide but leaves space for you to do your thing! While safety and alignment are my priority, technique is not the focus of this class, your energy and presence is. I love our non-competitive atmosphere, my classroom is a community where we subscribe to the thought “If I’m shining, everybody gonna shine.”

see you in class

I offer on-going (weekly) drop-in classes and (one-time) pop-up STRUT classes in various locations around the greater Los Angeles area.


Check my calendar below to reserve a spot in one of my weekly classes or to find my next pop-up STRUT class.  

Can't make it to class?

Book a private lesson(s) with me or assemble a group of friends who want to take a class together.  Personalized STRUT classes can also make birthday or bachelorette celebrations even more memorable.

current weekly classes


Drop-In classes offered in various locations.

  • None available at this time

  • Note: Weekly Tuesday night classes are finished for the year at RDC.  Please check back.

upcoming pop-up events


Events offered in various locations.

  • Strut on Nov. 20 at 5:30 pm in Los Angeles at The Vibe.

what people say

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"Dance slowly started to fade out of life and I thought it was something I just would never do again because there aren’t many “adult” dance classes."

"From the age of 8-18 I lived and breathed dance. I spent every night, weekend and summer in a studio.   Upon graduating high school dance slowly started to fade out of life and I thought it was something I just would never do again because there aren’t many “adult” dance classes. Finally back in November of 2021 (at the age of 32!) I decided it was time to get back in a studio and I stumbled upon Chelsea’s adult heels class.


I was so nervous to step back in a studio, a place that once was so familiar to me, but I am so thankful I did and with Chelsea as my teacher!


I could quickly see she makes a point to meet you at your experience level and makes the class challenging enough to know you are getting a work out in. Since November, I’ve made it my Monday night ritual to attend heels class and have started to build a small community with the other ladies that go.

Chelsea creates an environment that feels safe to let our hair down and just DANCE!" - Lauren 

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