chelsea is a multi-talented professional ....

 Chelsea consistently demonstrates her versatility as a well-rounded dance professional.  She is a dynamic performer, an experienced teacher, an innovative choreographer, a competitive dance judge, and a dance studio director/department head.  She has experience behind the scenes producing and directing a variety of performances.  She is also a certified yoga instructor.

yoga instructor

 a dance studio is my favorite place to be 

"I am passionate about many things, but none more than music and dance.  My love for both began when I was very young.  Dance allows me to tell my story and music nurtures my soul.  I feel blessed to have a career where I can share my knowledge and enthusiasm for both.  Dance connected and introduced me to myself. It has been a gift to me and I wish to pay it forward. I love sharing my gift through my performances, choreography and in the classroom." 


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