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private yoga at your location

purposeful, private yoga lessons customized just for you

my method


To begin with, I understand that no two bodies are the same. Each of us has a distinct history that influences how we feel in our body now. It's also vital to acknowledge that not everyone learns in the same way, and after more than a decade of teaching students of all ages and ability levels, I've developed a passion for adapting concepts to diverse learning styles. My focus is on proper alignment and technique, with the goal of making my clients feel confident enough to practice on their own or in any group class situation.​

Finding a balance between flow and ease is the focus of my yoga practice.




  • Build heat through breath and dynamic movement

  • Lengthen and sculpt your muscles

  • Special focus on your Transverse Abdominis – your body’s natural corset.

  • Feel the burn in all the right places

  • “Just enough shake”




  • Naturally regulate your nervous system

  • Realign your posture

  • Special focus on improving digestion and circulation

  • Give your body time to absorb the benefits from all your hard work

  • Relax, refresh, and nourish.

“I believe in music the way some people believe in fairy tales”

-August Rush

I can’t say it any better than that: I believe in music. I believe in music’s power to enlighten and uplift. There’s science here, not just intangible feelings. Consciousness has the power to “ride” on sound and affect how it’s received. (see Jonathan Goldman's "the 7 secrets of sound therapy" or look up Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments). If this is the case, then the music we listen to has a direct effect on our bodies and minds. I feel compelled to be intentional in every song I play. Making playlists is arguably my favorite part of my job. You may be surprised at how often yogic philosophy is reflected in popular music, some of my favorite philosophers being Prince and Stevie Wonder.


I play music that is intended to make you feel like the best version of yourself 

-- and get down a little bit, too! 

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