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 teaching and private coaching

all ages, various skill levels and multiple genres
jazz technique
musical theatre
audition prep
jazz funk
hip hop
available to teach classes or offer private coaching at your location


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You'll find Chelsea teaching weekly recreational and competitive dance classes at several studios in the LA area.  She is an experienced and versatile instructor who greatly admires the art of teaching.  She has focused much of her professional career on teaching because it is her true passion. In addition to twenty-plus years of dance training, she earned a Dance Education Certificate from Glendale Community College where she studied classroom management techniques, choreography, first aid/CPR, athletic injury prevention/care and human anatomy.  


Chelsea understands that teaching dance is much more than just choreographing a routine.  She believes that dancers are shaped by their teachers and does not take that responsibility lightly.  She is nurturing and supportive because she remembers what it was like to be a student. 


"In addition to teaching style and proper technique, I am adamant about creating a nurturing environment designed to build self-esteem and cultivate a life-long appreciation for dance, music and movement." - Chelsea


  • Experienced teaching all ages and skill levels

  • Enjoys teaching both recreational & competition dance classes

    • Experienced competitive dancer and competition judge​

  • Applauded for bringing out the best in her students from beginning novices to advanced dancers​

  • Encourages students to discover and embrace their individual strengths

  • Her teaching style emphasizes musicality, intention and storytelling with a focus on being authentic


 private coaching 

Chelsea enjoys working one-on-one with dancers.  She has provided private coaching for dancers prepping for auditions, college admissions, dance competitions, talent shows, dance team try-outs, etc., etc.,  Private coaching offers the ability to set and reach very specific goals, master new skills, strengthen and condition the body, and work at your own pace.  

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