"I strongly believe that to show up for others, you first need to show up for yourself. I want to provide a space for my clients where they can leave their drama and stress out of the classroom and focus on themselves. In my classes I facilitate an environment where you can connect with yourself and recharge." 

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a mindful movement experience combining dance, yoga and GOOD JAMS

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If I’ve learned anything at all… It’s that everything we need, to live our best life, already exists inside ourselves. My forum and my series of "soulful" classes encourage the introspection and action needed to live deeply. With mindfulness, movement, and a little bit of soul.

I invite YOU to meet YOU.

what people say

"Chelsea is superb in every way, so good with the kids.  Her students feel safe."

- RDC parent


"I took Chelsea Vick’s HEELS class as part of an adult series of dance classes at my daughter’s dance studio. I have to admit I was little intimidated. This form of dance is out of my comfort zone and I am self conscious by nature. 

The first day of class from just our warm up it was fun and I have to admit a work out. We definitely used a different set of muscles. Miss Chelsea knows how to challenge you and bring you out of that comfort zone a little at a time. At the end of class we recorded ourselves and seeing our progress was so motivating!  


None the less we left class more confident and feeling beautiful. I would definitely take this class again!"

- Maria


My daughter Sofi has been lucky enough to have had Ms. Chelsea as a tap and jazz teacher  for four solid years now. She is amazingly supportive and knows how to inspire the kids based on individual strengths and things they need to work on. Her choreography and music choices are always so cool and my daughter can’t wait to get to her classes each week. I honestly can’t say enough great things about Ms. Chelsea as a teacher, and mentor. 

- RDC parent


"There aren’t enough words to describe my appreciation for your passion, and conviction in dance.  You’ve been a constant in Samantha’s life since she was 3 she is 9 now, her hip hop and tap skills have begun and been fostered by you.  She works harder for you than any other teachers, in tap especially.  Your fundamental teaching process is unparalleled!" 

- Charla (mom)


"Taking a heels class with Chelsea Vick was invigorating and full of feminine power. I learned so much in class about owning my sexy and setting a mood."

- Maiya


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