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Group classes, private lessons in your location, and events


Movement Practice with Chelsea


I teach people how to feel good in their own skin.

I am Chelsea Vick. 


I am a dance and yoga teacher.  Although I enjoy teaching students of all ages, I created "Movement Practice with Chelsea" specifically for adults. I believe movement is medicine and I want to help you reduce your stress, connect with your body, build self-esteem, and have some fun.  


I offer group and private dance and yoga classes, personalized yoga programs in your location, and customized events.  All skill and experience levels are welcome in my classes.

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my teaching super powers


In addition to years as a dancer and yogi, my training is in “how to teach.” With 15 years of teaching experience behind me, I’m able to adapt to special considerations for different bodies, ages, and circumstances. 



My students range from toddlers to seniors! I love working with beginners and I love enriching the practice of advanced movers. The secret is, the learning process is always the same. We start with the general concepts and then refine our technique over time, emphasizing enjoying the process over rushing towards a result.  


I can’t just teach yoga poses or dance steps, I need you to understand WHY we are doing what we’re doing. When you understand the Why, you are able to make your own connections and apply ideas to your everyday life.  


a confidence-centric dance exprience

group classes

private lessons

customized events


Intended for women of all ages and skill levels. Beginners are absolutely welcome. These workshops are designed to celebrate and empower women. Classes emphasize sensuality, fitness, and connection to music in a fun, nonjudgmental environment. It feels more like going out dancing with friends than a class.  


customized and brought to you

group classes

private lessons

customized events


We are quick to reach for a pill or gimmick diet, but these are all external solutions. A movement practice teaches us that many of the solutions we are looking for are found within.  I offer more than a workout and more than a typical yoga class.  I want to introduce you to your body and its natural healing mechanisms.

We’re living in a time of extreme anxiousness. Our energy flows where our focus goes… and most of us have all of our energy trapped up in racing thoughts. Mindful movement is the easiest way I know to get out of your head. I teach how deeply connected your nervous system is to your breath and body. Learn how to calm racing thoughts and spend time in the “rest and recovery” part of your nervous system rather than the “stress response/fight or flight” mode. Apply that focus to your body, to the present moment, and feel how that energy can be liberated and used to heal, recover, and deeply rest.

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