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intentional movement practice

Private lessons in your location, group classes, and events.  Workplace wellness programs.

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my services

Private Lessons & Customized Programs in your location

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"Soulful Stretch"

Weekly & Pop-up Classes 

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Workplace Wellness Events & Retreats

movement practice with chelsea


Movement is medicine. Our bodies are designed to naturally nurture and heal from within, unfortunately everything about our culture and the grind of our day to day lives gets in the way of the body doing its job. A movement practice is how you take the power back and put your health in your own hands. 


In a Movement Practice session, you will learn to connect your movement to your breath. Which has the magic effect of putting your body and mind at the same place, at the same time, which stimulates the part of your nervous system responsible for resting, digesting, and recovering. You’ll learn to move from your core, which not only builds strength and supports spine health, but stimulates and detoxifies your internal organs. You’ll learn that even when we appear to be “in a pose” you are always moving energetically in different directions, cultivating balance and control. 


Sessions are tailored to suit individual needs, goals, and special considerations.

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I play music that is intended to make you feel like the best version of yourself  -- and get down a little bit, too! 

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private lessons & personalized programs in your location

Private lessons

Taking a yoga class is incredibly beneficial… Learning how to apply yoga to your everyday life is life changing. When clients work with me, it’s my goal that they walk away with their own “movement medicine cabinet”, a set of skills and techniques they can use to rebalance their bodies and minds when life throws them off-balance.

Yoga postures and transitions have hundreds of variations, in a group yoga class you might not be offered the variation best for YOUR unique body. In a one on one session, learn how to make yoga fit you. 

private lessons and program pricing

See For Yourself

Book a single class


One hour long session. Expect a moment of mindful connection to your body, followed by dynamic movement, and closing out with a restorative stretch. Leave feeling stronger, more open, and rejuvenated. 

Click the button below to pay and to request a time for your session.  I will contact you to confirm your appointment time within 24 hours.

Give It A Chance & Save

Buy a package of 4 classes

$475 (save $25)

Experience mindful connection with your body, followed by dynamic movement, and closing out with a restorative stretch.


These sessions never expire and do not have to be consecutive.  You can fit them in when you have the time. Give yourself the chance to experience a practice that grows as you do. 

Please purchase the package before booking your sessions online.

See & Feel The Results

Buy a commitment plan to achieve maximum results

$760 per month/auto-billed

(save $240)

Commit to working with me for 3 months. Our goal is to fit a session in 2x/week (virtual options available).


This is for people who want to really see and feel a change in their bodies, develop healthy habits, and learn to use movement as preventative and restorative medicine. 

You will receive priority scheduling, options for virtual sessions, and goal setting/tracking.

Please purchase the package before booking your sessions online.

i offer free consultations

Want to get serious about your yoga practice?  Not sure which package is right for you? Contact me to discuss your goals and learn more about my approach. 

classes & pop-up events

Soulful Stretch
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a mindful movement experience 

It’s often said that we are what we eat, but it goes much deeper than that.  We are what we watch, what we read, and what we listen to.  In other words, we are what we consume.  In today's world, we are constantly bombarded with negativity, stress and noise on a daily basis.  I want to help you escape the noise, be present in the moment,  connect with your authentic self, care for your body and nurture your soul.

My "Soulful Stretch" classes are designed for all experience levels and intended to be restorative and relaxing.  I focus on flexibility, alignment, and joint mobility. I intentionally select music and structure playlists to tap into your emotions.  I want you to leave class feeling inspired, motivated, joyous, and relaxed. 

I offer drop-in classes and pop-up events.  Can't make it to class? Book a private lesson(s) with me or assemble a group of friends who want to take a class together.  Contact me today or visit my EVENTS page for more information on scheduling a private event.

Pop-up events

  • Soulful Stretch on Nov. 16 at 8 pm in Los Angeles at The Vibe.

Current classes:


  • Soulful Stretch class on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm in Montrose at Revolution Dance Center. 

workplace wellness

workplace wellness
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Most of my group classes take place in the evenings so I utilize my daytime schedule for private yoga lessons and workplace wellness programs. Lunch time yoga classes offer an excellent way to improve employee morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together for a fun activity. 


I can design a custom one-time yoga workshop or help you build an ongoing program for your company or organization.  I will create classes that work in your space, and cater to the needs of your employees.  I always design my classes to consider age, gender, body types, and fitness levels.


Planning a meeting, networking/team-building event, or conference?  Consider offering a yoga breakout session to enhance your event and provide a great opportunity for people to connect.


Contact me to begin planning your event or program.

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